Social and Mobile Social Marketing work:


Analyze clients' current marketing efforts and then plan, manage and execute clients' entry into the social and mobile social media marketplace. Responsibilities included creating the entire marketing scope for the mobile social space. These duties entailed making suggestions, recommendations and the execution of the final decisions.


This client only sells to the Trade but wanted a portion of the marketing to present itself to the end users. Therefore, end user brand recognition in the luxury design and decoration industry was needed accompanied with a trade focus.


Identify target audiences, create plan to reach identified audiences with a multi-functional purpose. This called for branding and a trade focused marketing plan for the social and mobile social media space. The plan had to be precise but broad and I took a very design oriented approach. I evaluated all media vehicles (face book, twitter, mobile, fickr, etc) and chose the best fit.


Created a new avenue for everyone to view the designer fabric line. As face book and twitter alike weren't going to be effective in this case we suggested a blog and a mobile app.



The results were outstanding, there were more than expected downloads just from the press releases, website announcements and the Apple store presence. The app was downloaded by industry personnel and end users alike. We also inserted a quick connect feature to request samples and the sample requests doubled in two months. This was very successful and accomplished both goals. This proved that the campaign extended the reach to end users and strengthened the brand within the industry.