Words we live by…...

There are no problems, just situations that we have not figured out yet ~

If you want things others do not have, you must be willing to do things other will not do ~

And lastly...

If we do have it, you don't need it ~

But we do have it! See some of our traditional Media...

Traditional (Old School) mediums

Television - spot buys; local and national

Facts:TV has a wide geographic and very broad audience reach.
Fun facts: DVR has made it easier to watch commercials in fast forward

Radio - spot buys, announcements & sponsor segments; local and national

Facts:Facts: Radio has great targeting capabilities and has great frequency.
Fun facts: Some radio ads make you want to turn the radio volume down and you end up missing a good song .

Newspapers and periodicals - all display ads; local and national

Facts:Newspaper offers targeting capability with regional delivery and special advertising sections geographic selectivity is available in small towns.
Fun facts: They make your hands messy.

Magazines - Financial, Sports, Entertainment, Business, Domestic

Facts:High degree of selective targeting based on demographics, product affinity, or lifestyle High production quality.
Fun facts: They are sometimes heavy and are great for smashing bugs.