Brick & mortar case study:

Client product: Computers & software

Client's services: Network setup & computer repair

Client situation: My client was opening a store and had a small consumer base. He needed local and regional reach.

Plan Of Attack (POA): We put together a plan for a gradual upward momentum. This plan consisted of online, offline and billboards. We identified the targeted audience and calculated an approach. We decided that we would drive the local traffic in first, with direct mail and small billboards. Once the local traffic was established, we started our second leg of the campaign with direct mail to the businesses in the extended areas. The next step was to establish an online presence. They equipped their company with enough staff and the online push was enabled. Business was growing and the campaigns were supplying an abundance of business to the company.

Extras: Once their campaign had ended and our job was done, we took it one step further. We spotted another location that was in their budget. We recommended it and four months later they moved in

Results: The Company was satisfied with our work and was well on their way to being a successful business.